Survey on UNESCO’s Action Goals
                                                                              within the German-Japanese Cooperation on DESD

Action Goals: UNESCO World Conference, Bonn 2009

Bonn Declaration

UNESCO Strategy for the Second Half of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
      (2010 ) Supporting Member States and other stakeholders in addressing global sustainable development
      challenges through ESD, Education for Sustainable Development in Action, UNESCO Education Sector,

Results of the Survey have been presented on the

3rd European Fair for Sustainable Development, Hamburg, 2009

Dieter Gross
Unsatisfactory Standards for the Implementation of ESD - Results of an International Survey - Suggestions for
Strategies to address the Issues,

Climate Education-Conference in Berlin

Conference on Education and Climate Change, Berlin, November 2009

Dieter Gross
Barriers and Deficits with Implementing ESD – An Analysis for Isolating Efficient Strategies to cope with Global Changes