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                  German-Japanese Cooperation: DESD-Project

Educators of Germany and Japanese have been working together, following UNESCO’s framework of the
Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005 -2014, initiated by the Japanese Government in Johannesburg, (WSSD, 2002).
The “Germany-Year in Japan 2005/2006” has been an additional opportunity to start a viable cooperation among German and Japanese teachers and students to find strategies of how to implement the principle of Sustainability in education.
In order to cope with global changes (syndromes) and the disadvantages of globalization everyone has to accept and practice responsibility.Germany and Japan face various economic, environmental and social problems which are alike, therefore cooperating may be worthwhile. The most promising strategy in doing so will be based on Education for a Sustainable Future

Project Leader                                                                         D J Jahr
Dieter Gross, appointed by the German Foreign Office
CV dieter gross
international activities 

Japanese Counterpart
Prof. Dr. Shuichi Nakayama
Professor, Hiroshima University of Economics
Professor Emeritus, Hiroshima University
Member, Japanese National Commission for UNESCO
Chair, Educating Sub-Committee, Japanese National
Commission for UNESCO

vdjgInitiated and supported by:
Association of German-Japanese Societies,
The President and NGO-Coordinator for the “Germany-Year in Japan 2005/2006”
Dr.Thilo Graf Brockdorff (deceased, Dec. 2005)
and supported by
Education for a Sustainable Future
Sustainable Future Instructions SFI

Dieter Gross